About The Genealogist/Legal Researcher



10 years ago I found my biological father, 1 year before my mother passed away.
The world opened up for me and everything about my identity that I questioned, I no longer had to wonder.
I realized so many people like me want to know where they come from. There are so many people of color that were robbed of their birth right and the need to know not just who they are but how they came to exist.
I hear people tell me that they have taken DNA test and when I hear this I often question them on what's next.
I have found so many callings but none like my love for research and genealogy. 

 I have been approached by so many to do this for their family.
I am beyond grateful, humbled and overwhelmed at the opportunity to help so many families change the narratives passed down to them through hearsay,  and family gossip.
Join me as I end the stigma that our legacies are limited to "slavery."
Your ancestors survived unimaginable odds and persevered.
Don't let their stories die with them. 

I specialize in Legal Researching holding 2 degrees and over a decade of experience in research

A Bachelors of Arts, Legal Studies, Cum Laude, 

Associate of Arts, Paralegal Studies, Honors